Metal Plate Marking Solutions


Metal plate marking has never been easier! EarlyWorx offers solutions for marking on steel tags, aluminium tags, anodised aluminium and much more.

Our range of CIM metal laser equipment can effortlessly produce cable tags, inventory tags, asset control tags and serial number tags.

CIM metal laser equipment includes features like:

  •  Q-switched DPSS laser source / pulsed fibre laser
  •  Loading capacity of up to 250 metal plates
  •  LCD display
  •  Flash memory technology

Our range of CIM metal plate embossers are the ideal solutions for manufacturing VIN plates, shipping labels, motor / engine labels and inventory tags. Some equipment can carry a warranty of up to 10 years on drums, character sets and X- and Y-axis movements.

Features of this range includes:

  •  60 or 90 slot drum capacity or 45 slots for special applications
  •  A performance rate of 1 plate every 18 seconds
  •  250 plates input capacity


Contact us today for the perfect metal plate marking solution tailored to your needs.