Franking Machines



EarlyWorx supply both the T1000 and Optimail franking machines, although they have been discontinued. We refurbish these machines and supply them to consumers on a rental basis, with a full service agreement.

The agreement ensures that our client’s needs are met and provides our client with peace of mind, knowing that our highly trained technical staff is there to help with any and all matters pertaining to these machines. We stock all necessary model based consumables, ensuring efficient operation of all machines and customer satisfaction.

EarlyWorx is the approved sole provider of the following Francotyp-Postalia franking machine consumables:

T1000 and Optimail:

  •  Red fluorescent ink cartridges
  •  Labels (packs of 100 or 400)
  •  Replacement keys
  •  Replacement power cables


  •  42ml red fluorescent inkjek cartridges
  •  Labels (packs of 50)
  •  1L sealant liquid

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