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Plastic Card Equipment

Plastic cards are one of the best things that have ever been invented. We do not have to carry our green book IDs anymore because card IDs have been created to make our lives easy and more convenient. Just imagine having an ID card that you can keep in your wallet. We do not have to stress about looking for our green book IDs you can put your ID card in your wallet and never stress about leaving it at home in case of an emergency.

Plastic card equipment

Plastic card machines and equipment includes a series of specialised machinery for the production of plastic cards. This equipment can create any plastic card of any design and colour. This plastic card technology is able to ease the customer through the process of card manufacturing one step at a time. Card printing businesses find this new technology more convenient and it increases the production and it brings in more money.

  Plastic card equipment uses a material such as a roll or a sheet which is fed through a press where the special dies cut the material to form the shape of the cards. This is also known as blanking. A scrap of the material is extracted and the remaining cut outs and continues on a conveyor to speed up the process. The cards that are created are then removed and sorted through a card inspection system to ensure that they are made correctly and neatly. The card inspector systems also check if whether there are no defects within the card. Remember, that the card needs to be used to reflect in the database and it should be able to swipe properly so it is important that the final product is done correctly.

Before shipping the cards to the client or customer the card needs to be processed through a card counter. The card counter works in seconds to count the cards. Counting the cards manually will take forever the processor is more proactive and it can get the work is done on time and quick so that you can proceed with making more cards.

Here are the following benefits for using plastic card equipment:

               Consistent accuracy

               High-speed production

               Reduce labour costs

               Long life tooling

               Increases profits


Plastic card equipment is more convenient for businesses to use. Now that technology is advanced and it is growing intensively now there are PVC card printing machines that are advanced and effective.



Early Worx

Early Worx is a card solution company that is based in Johannesburg and they use card printing machines that work fantastically and fast.